Like all my clients, I can't be defined just by my profession. I'm so much more than that. I'm a mother of two gorgeous sons, wife to the love of my life, a sister, a loving daughter, a doting grandmother, a best friend who is always up for a good laugh, and
a woman with big dreams.

I believe each person has light and power inside them. Finding what makes them sparkle and unleashing that power is my joy as a photographer - and a challenge I fully embrace.

Getting the camera to see and capture what is special about my client is my ultimate goal. I always strive to have a good time when I'm doing it and make sure my client is having fun too. Some things in life are boring - there's no way around it. But your photography session shouldn't be!

My name is Suvi and I’m a portrait photographer.

Chances are, it's been far too long. And I get that. It can feel scary and intimidating to sit for portraits. But trust me, it will be the most amazing thing to experience. Life is all about creating memories, they are priceless. Time is a tricky thing - the days can feel so long, but the years pass quickly. 

Being photographed should not be limited to special occasions. A portrait is forever - it's a legacy of you and the life you live. 

My job is to guide you during your portrait session. Make you feel comfortable in front of the camera just as you are. 

If you love contemporary and modern-style portraiture, I am your girl. I want to take the best images of you and your family you've ever owned. I can't wait to meet you and bring your vision to life.  

"when was the last time you had a portrait taken of yourself?"

The program recognizes photographers for their beautiful photographs, technical, and aesthetic acumen with official certification that is recognized internationally.

Accredited Portrait Master 

Accredited Portrait Master. Award winning photographer through the Portrait Masters.