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With the current digital camera market producing such great, user-friendly cameras and most people having smartphones at their disposal that can take good photos, is there still a reason to hire a professional photographer? The answer to that question is an emphatic yes! At a time when amateur photography has never been easier, there are […]

Professional Photographer

Why You Should Hire a Professional Photographer

A personal branding photography session is much more than simply a group of people getting their picture taken. When it comes to your company, branding workshops highlight the one thing no one else can compete with: YOU. You’re the best asset you have, and a great personal branding photography session can show the world what […]

personal branding photography by Suvi TOry

Personal Branding Photography

Types Of Personal Branding Photography Every Entrepreneur Needs

portrait vs Headshot photography

If you want to have your picture taken professionally, you’re probably trying to figure out exactly what to ask for. It can be confusing when you hear the words portraits and headshots used interchangeably. After all, aren’t they the same thing? While these types of photographs are similar, they also have significant distinctions. Knowing the […]



Let’s start 2022 with a bang. Whether you’re trying to jump-start your business, land a new job, or market yourself better in 2022, it all begins with a great headshot. A professional headshot can help a client or potential boss instantly feel connected to you. And have a sense of who you are and what you stand for.

Professional Business Headshots Milwaukee


Get Your Professional Headshot Updated

beautiful woman portraits

Portrait of a woman, Ellen for the You’re Enough campaign. Our campaign has been highlighting how all women are incredible in their own way, even if they don’t always feel that way themselves. Ellen is the next woman we’re shining a spotlight on. She’s living proof that sometimes we have to take back our power from others who try to keep us down. It can be a fight, but it’s always worth the risk.

Portraits for The Modern Women

Portraits of A Stunning Woman. Meet Ellen.

Spring has finally arrived. As you enjoy this season of new growth and renewal, I’d like you to meet the latest woman in our You’re Enough campaign. Amy showed her vulnerability with her honest answers for this campaign and during our photo shoot, which made for some outstanding photos.

woman portrait in black and white

Portraits for The Modern Women

Amy For The You’re Enough Campaign

Milwaukee Beautiful Woman Portrait

I hope you’ve been enjoying our You’re Enough campaign as much as I have been. I’ve met so many wonderful and exceptional women through this endeavor, and their stories have moved me. Our next featured lady is Cathy McKinnon. Unlike many of us, Cathy remembers a lack of focus on beauty while she was growing […]

Portraits for The Modern Women

Meet Cathy McKinnon!

Danielle Jacques-Hester, the latest woman featured in our You’re Enough campaign, enjoys being what she considers “perfectly imperfect” and has confidence in spades. What’s her secret? Always being a work in progress. When she was young, Danielle learned that many people felt being slim means you are beautiful. “I’m not slim,” she said. “I was […]

transformational portraits

Portraits for The Modern Women

Danielle Talks About Confidence

behind the scene

Laura Ferris, the next woman in our You’re Enough campaign, is a real treat to get to know. She spreads sunshine everywhere she goes. That’s one of the beauty lessons she learned during her childhood – that how you present yourself can make you beautiful. “I remember my Mom having a Mary Kay party when […]

Portraits for The Modern Women

Laura In The Spotlight

I know we’ve had some challenges to weather in 2020 and even in the first month of 2021, but the comments from Danette Long, the next featured lady in my You’re Enough campaign, made me reflect on how great life is. When asked what events have shaped her life, Danette said she’s had “a lot […]

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Portraits for The Modern Women

Introducing Danette, A Rock Star

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