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Spring has finally arrived. As you enjoy this season of new growth and renewal, I’d like you to meet the latest woman in our You’re Enough campaign. Amy showed her vulnerability with her honest answers for this campaign and during our photo shoot, which made for some outstanding photos.

Portraits for The Modern Women

Amy For The You’re Enough Campaign

I hope you’ve been enjoying our You’re Enough campaign as much as I have been. I’ve met so many wonderful and exceptional women through this endeavor, and their stories have moved me. Our next featured lady is Cathy McKinnon. Unlike many of us, Cathy remembers a lack of focus on beauty while she was growing […]


Portraits for The Modern Women

Meet Cathy McKinnon!

transformational portraits

Danielle Jacques-Hester, the latest woman featured in our You’re Enough campaign, enjoys being what she considers “perfectly imperfect” and has confidence in spades. What’s her secret? Always being a work in progress. When she was young, Danielle learned that many people felt being slim means you are beautiful. “I’m not slim,” she said. “I was […]

Portraits for The Modern Women

Danielle Talks About Confidence

Laura Ferris, the next woman in our You’re Enough campaign, is a real treat to get to know. She spreads sunshine everywhere she goes. That’s one of the beauty lessons she learned during her childhood – that how you present yourself can make you beautiful. “I remember my Mom having a Mary Kay party when […]

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Portraits for The Modern Women

Laura In The Spotlight

Hair and makeup artistry

I know we’ve had some challenges to weather in 2020 and even in the first month of 2021, but the comments from Danette Long, the next featured lady in my You’re Enough campaign, made me reflect on how great life is. When asked what events have shaped her life, Danette said she’s had “a lot […]

Portraits for The Modern Women

Introducing Danette, A Rock Star

Our next You’re Enough woman, Kelleen, is living her best life. Sometimes you meet a woman who seems to be exactly where she should be and is absolutely crushing it in her life. I love to applaud women who have worked hard to get where they are and are perfectly content, living their best moments […]

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Portraits for The Modern Women

Kelleen Is Living Her Best Life

Continuing with our You’re Enough campaign, it’s time to introduce you to Susan Drake. I was fortunate to get to know her during our time spent together in the studio. I was blown away by her strength and positive attitude, despite the challenges and heartbreak that she’s had to face. Susan opened her heart to […]

Portraits for The Modern Women

Susan, our next woman in the spotlight!

It’s been an exciting few weeks working on our You’re Enough campaign that features everyday women who are proving why they are special and uniquely beautiful. Our latest amazing lady is Rachel Marinez. While growing up, Rachel repeatedly heard that being short and skinny were two key components of beauty. As a girl who was […]

beautiful woman portrait

Portraits for The Modern Women

You’re Enough, Rachel

During our You’re Enough campaign, I’ve met remarkable women who are each special in their own way. When I heard Julie’s story, I marveled at how she handled such a tough path at a young age with so much grace, optimism, and strength. Julie opened her heart to share how her life experiences have made […]

Portraits for The Modern Women

You’re Enough, Julie

As our You’re Enough campaign continues, I can’t wait to introduce you to our next featured woman, Amie Schneider. I think you’ll agree that she’s an incredible woman worthy of inclusion in this campaign. This campaign causes women to reflect upon their early impressions of beauty and its importance. Amie remembers her early understanding of […]

Beautiful woman portrait

Portraits for The Modern Women

You’re Enough Amie

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