One underlying certainty is the heart of what my photography studio stands for: There is beauty in everyone, at every age. The reason I love empowering others so much is that once I didn't understand or appreciate my own strength and power.

Finding my true calling took almost 50 years. Before I hit my stride, I had hit rock bottom, experienced numerous failures, endured complicated situations, and stuck in a corporate world I didn't belong in. When I reached rock bottom, I realized I needed to change my life. I left my corporate job with no clue what I'd do next. 

But I’m a firm believer that when you open your heart and soul to the future, beautiful things will happen to you. So, I started to follow my lifelong passion for photography. That led me to my passion for photographing people, creating more than beautiful portraits, and giving them a transformational experience they’ll never forget.

I learned that I had strength and passion, and I wanted nothing more than to share it with my clients – and help them tap into their own hidden attributes.

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Behind the Lens


I have photographed hundreds of people, including women, men, high school seniors, families, and business professionals who want to elevate their social media presence with contemporary, classic, and timeless images. My clients become my extended family, and I love hearing about their successes.

All clients from all walks of life are welcome at my studio, regardless of their shape, size, color, and background. We embrace the beauty of each individual spirit and want to celebrate them for who they are.

Originally from Finland, I currently reside in Oconomowoc, WI with my furry baby, Abby.

There’s nothing I love more than helping showcase my client's power and personality in front of a camera and watching their expressions when they see their gorgeous images for the first time.

It is incredibly fulfilling watching someone discover their worth, individuality, and power.

all clients from all walks of life are welcome at my studio

my clients think and feel differently after a photo session with me

They shed tears and sit in stunned disbelief when they first see themselves in their new images. They see themselves in a new light, and they begin to discover – or remember – that they are valuable, worthy, beautiful, and powerful.

Through a portrait experience and the finished images, they begin to see who they are beneath the insecurities. They start to understand how others see them and all the dreams they could make come true once those pictures silence those negative thoughts that plague us all.

While everyone is truly beautiful in their own way, people sometimes struggle to see that for themselves.

Together, we’re going to reconnect you with the gorgeous person you are and create the most beautiful portraits you’ve ever had.

Whenever a self-doubting voice returns, you can look at your images and remember that you’re fierce and fabulous.